Splink 1:

Powerful Creator

Go on a scavenger hunt to find amazing things God the Almighty created. (Some suggested items: rock bigger than a fist, blade of glass at least 2 inches long, twig, three kinds of leaves, insect, feather, wildflower, pinecone, seed, etc.)

The name of God for this week is God Almighty (El Shaddai), which highlights the power of God. Talk about the items found and marvel at God’s mighty power in creating each one. Then marvel that this powerful God knows and cares about each one in your family.

Splink 2:

Who’s the Strongest?

Have some elimination contests to see who is the strongest.

Some categories to try:

  • Thumb wrestling
  • Arm wresting
  • Pushover—Two stand facing one another with palms together. See who can push the other off balance without moving their feet.

Declare the winner as the strongest in the house!

Who is the strongest person in the world? (Brian Shaw was declared the world’s strongest man in the World’s Strongest Man competition in 2015.)

There is NO ONE like God when it comes to strength. He showed His great power when He created and rules the heavens and the earth.

Splink: 3

Same or different?

To help them see the greatness of God and that He is entirely different from us, read statements and ask them to stand if they can do it or have done it. Some statements to get you started:

  • You can pick up a five-pound bag of sugar (or other item).
  • You can run from the house to the mailbox.
  • You can add 3 + 20.
  • You can draw a picture.
  • You can sing a song.
  • You can jump rope.
  • You can eat three cookies.
  • You can stand on one foot.
  • You can create a star millions of light years away.
  • You can create a human from nothing.
  • You can hold the universe together.
  • You can part the Red Sea.

(As you can see the last ones are all things only God can do.) We must make sure they see God as not just a smarter, stronger human. God is completely different from us and there is NO ONE like Him!

Read more about God from Isaiah 45:11-12. (This would also be a good time to review the Bible verse kids are learning—Isaiah 45:5a.)

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