I Changed My Mind

Tell your child that you will do something together after dinner (watch a movie; play a game; take a walk; etc). After dinner, when they ask you to do the activity, say, “I changed my mind. I don’t want to.”


How did you feel when I said that I didn’t want to do it? (Disappointed; sad; mad; etc.)

Why is it important to do what we say? (Others will be able to trust us; other will be able to count on us; others will respect us; etc.)

Describe a faithful person. (One you can count on to do what he is supposed to do or says he will do; one who is loyal or keeps his word; etc.)

Read Numbers 23:19. What does this tell us about God? (God won’t change His mind; He keeps His promises; etc.)

God is unchanging! He will never change His mind and will always keep His promises to us. We can count on Him!

******Don’t forget to do the activity together!

That’s You?!

Get out the photo albums or pull up the digital pictures on the computer or your phone. (Does anyone still put pictures in an album?) Look at pictures of yourself and your kids.

Talk about it:
What are some changes you see? (Clothing styles; hair color; etc.)

How have you changed? How are you different? Are you taller? Stronger? More loving today than last year? Kinder? Happier?

Does God change? Even though God doesn’t have a physical body, He still doesn’t change. He doesn’t become more loving, because He is love. He doesn’t need to grow or change to be better. He is perfect!

Read James 1:17. God is good and give us good gifts. Because He doesn’t change, we can always count on Him to do what is best for us.

From A-Z, God is GREAT!

Grab some markers and a long piece of paper (or poster board or pieces of copy paper taped together) long enough to write the letters of the alphabet vertically.

Across the top of the paper write, “I’m glad God is…” Write the letters of the alphabet vertically under the title. Tape the paper to the fridge. Invite the kids to write something they are glad God is on the paper anytime they think of it. (For example: A—always with me; B—beginning and the end; C—caring, etc.) Think about all the characteristics you’ve learned this month.

When you have written one thing for each letter, read the list aloud as a prayer of praise to our great, unchanging God.

****Everything you teach your kids about God (He is loving, holy, good, merciful, unchanging, etc.) should make it easier for them to trust Him. As they get to know Him, hopefully they will want to love and serve Him.

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