Teach your kids how to make a bird shadow puppet. (Remember trying that as a kid!) Make a two-handed bird by turning your hands so your palms face you, cross your hands over each other, and lock your thumbs together. Stretch your palms open to make the bird’s wings. To make the bird “fly,” curl your fingers inward, then outward again. (Google it if you need help.)

How did God provide for the Israelites while they were in the desert? (He gave them food to eat.)

Read Matthew 6:25-26. If God cares and provides for the birds, how much more will He care for us. We don’t need to worry, because God can be trusted to provide for us!

Splink 2:

Just before you eat a meal, ask:

Why do we pray before we eat?

When we thank the Lord for our food, we recognize that God gives us all good things (James 1:17). We thank Him for giving us what we need (food; clothes; home; etc.), for without them, we couldn’t even live. Don’t let mealtime prayers become an empty ritual. Pause and think of something specific to give thanks for.

Splink: 3

Call a family meeting and give each child a roll of dimes. Explain that we do NOT want to be like the Israelites—who constantly complained instead of being thankful. Tell them that every time you hear a complaint from them this week, they will have to hand over one of their dimes. Any dimes they have left at the end of the week will be theirs to keep. (Take them to a store to spend the dimes they have left!)

God gives us what we need so we shouldn’t complain!

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