Splink 1:

Look at What God Did!

Items Needed: Drawing paper; colored pencils or crayons; four to six feet of yarn or twine; tape

Go outside on a sunny day and ask each family member to draw something that God created. (Mom and Dad, don’t miss out on the fun; draw a picture, too.) Collect one picture from each person and tape it to the twine to make a banner. Add an extra page that says, God is GREAT or Wow, God is Amazing or whatever you like. Hang it up as a reminder of the amazing wonders God made.

Splink 2:


Watch Francis Chan’s video about God’s power/awe together:

Say a prayer of praise to God for His amazing power!

Splink 3:

Higher than the Heavens


Items Needed: Helium balloons (the Mylar ones last longer if you aren’t going to do the activity right away); labels or pieces of paper and tape

Read Psalm 36:5. How great is God’s mercy and faithfulness to us? (It reaches to the heavens, to the clouds.)

Have each child write a short thank you to God for a way He has shown faithfulness—loving, protecting, helping, comforting, etc. Stick it on the balloon. Release your balloons to celebrate God’s greatness!

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