Overflowing Love

This week your child learned about where different races came from. Different languages and cultures began at the Tower of Babel. We must remember there is only one race of people, and we should treat each other as valuable creations made in the image of God.

Do a science experiment with your child. Put a one-liter plastic bottle on a cookie sheet. Mix ½ cup 20-volume hydrogen peroxide, 8 drops of food coloring, and 1 tablespoon of dish detergent into the plastic bottle. In a separate cup, mix together 3 tablespoons of warm water and 1 tablespoon of dry yeast, stirring for about 30 seconds to dissolve the yeast. Pour this into the plastic bottle. Watch as the mixture overflows from the bottle.

Discuss with your child about how God’s love overflows for all of His people. We must learn to love people like God does, even when people seem different than us.

How High?

Build a tower of blocks with your child. Tell them that the challenge is seeing how high your tower will reach before it falls. (If you don’t have blocks, use books or pillows. Be creative.) Repeat this a few times to see if you can break your family record.

Remind your child that the people of Babel tried to build a tower to Heaven because they wanted to be important. Their actions were selfish and full of pride, and God saw what they were doing.

God is all-powerful, and He sees everything. He wants to be the most important priority in each of our lives. Share Proverbs 16:18 with your child and remind them of the importance of being humble just as Christ was humble.

I Spy

Play a game of I Spy with your child after dinner one night. Allow everyone to have a turn spying and guessing. After playing a few rounds, talk with your child about how God is omniscient, all knowing. Explain to your child that because God knows everything, He also sees everything.

God sees the good things we do and is pleased. God sees the bad things we do and reminds us of what His Word says. We must choose the Lord’s way above our own. The people of Babel wanted to be important. They valued themselves above the Lord. The Lord saw what they were doing, and He was not pleased.

Just like the Lord disciplined the people of Babel, He must discipline us at times too. Let’s try to remember that God sees everything, and let’s ask Him to help us obey Him and His Word.

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