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Get Ready

Run a relay to see which team can complete all five morning activities first.

Items Needed:
– Bible
– Items that kids would need to get ready in the morning (toothbrush, hair brush, washcloth, cereal bowl and spoon, pair of shoes that are large enough for each one to wear). You will need two of each item.

Divide family into two teams and line them up on one side of the room, opposite the side where the items are. First one runs to the items, chooses one thing and completes the action (as if he were getting ready in a morning). He then runs back to his team, tags the next person and goes to the end of the line. (He may need to run again.) The next person does the same until all five activities have been completed. The first team to complete all five is the winner.

Talk about it:

Why is it important to prepare for the day by doing some of the actions we just did? (you brush your teeth because you don’t want to have bad breath or cavities; you eat so you won’t be hungry later; etc.)

Read 1 Timothy 2:1-4. What does it say we should do? (pray so we can live a godly and peaceful life)

The best way to prepare for the day is to pray.

Starting Out Right

Model how to start the day with Bible reading and prayer (with everyone sipping hot chocolate and wearing their pj’s).

1. Read the devotional guide and Bible (even just one verse is better than nothing).

2. Then guide them through prayer.
Students probably brought home a guide using an acronym to guide them in learning to pray: PRAY – praise, repent, ask and yield or ACTS – adoration, confession, thanksgiving and supplication.

For example:

P raise: Think of something about God we can praise (He is wise, He is love, He is powerful, etc.)

R epent: Is there anything we need to repent of or confess?

A sk: What would you like to ask God? Who needs prayer?

Y ield: Tell God that you want to obey and follow Him.

You Can’t, But HE Can

Assign your child a task that you know he can’t do, but something you could help him do. (The tasks will depend on the age of your kids.)

Tasks such as: Move the bookshelf to the other side of the room. Tie your shoe. Reach something on a high shelf.

When your child complains that he CAN’T do it, tell him that he hasn’t done everything he could. Then remind him that he hasn’t asked you to help him. Complete the task together.

Talk about it:

What are some things that are hard for you to do?

What are some hard things in the Bible we are commanded to do? (forgiving others, loving our enemies, obeying parents, putting God first, etc.)

We cannot do the things God wants us to do (loving our enemies, forgiving others, etc.) by ourselves. We need God’s help. Every day we can ask God to help us do the right things.

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