Splink 1:

Sign on the Dotted Line

Make a covenant with each of your kids. So what is a covenant, you ask? A covenant is an agreement or a promise between two people. It’s kind of like a contract.

Think of something you would like to do for your child and write it down on a piece of paper. (I promise to take you to the mall on Friday. I promise to buy you an ice cream cone. I promise to make a special dessert for dinner. Etc. ) Write “Covenant between ______ and ______” at the top of the paper.

When you keep your promise, talk about it. (Even if something comes up and you can’t do it exactly when promised, try to do it later. Or it can be an object lesson that people sometimes make promises that they fail to keep. A sad lesson for all of us to learn.)

What covenant did God make with Abraham? (That the whole world would be blessed through him; that his descendants would be as many as the stars in the sky; etc.)

Even though people had to wait a long time, God kept His promise and sent Jesus to the earth (as a descendant of Abraham) and he has blessed us all! God always keeps His promises!

Splink 2:

Faith in What?

Hop on the kitchen table and say:

I think this table will take us to the store. Hop on. Do you believe that? Why not?

It would be silly to believe that this table would get us to the store.

Go outside to the car and say:
I think this car will take us to the store. Do you? Why? (It runs well; it has taken us lots of places before; it has proven itself reliable; etc.)

Hop in the car and take a spin to the store—buy a treat or what is needed while you’re there.

Say something like this:

It is important where we put our faith. It is not enough to just believe. Faith must be in a reliable source. Some people put their faith in things or false gods that will NOT get them to heaven.

How do we know that God is reliable? (He has told us about Himself in the Bible; He sent Jesus to the earth to show us what He is like; millions of people over hundreds of years have put their faith in Him and we have their word that He is reliable; etc.)

Just as Abraham believed God and followed Him, we can believe in and follow the one true God.

Splink: 3

Claim One

Choose several Bible promises (from a Bible promise book or Google Bible promises or use the following promises) and write each one on a slip of paper.

  • Isaiah 41:10—(I will be with you and help you.)
  • 1 John 1:9—(I will forgive your sin when you confess.)
  • Jeremiah 33:3—(I will answer and show you great and mighty things.)
  • John 14:3—(I will prepare a place for you and bring you to be with me.)

Hide them around the house and invite the kids to find them. Read the promises aloud and allow the kids to choose (and claim) one they like for themselves.

God made a covenant with Abraham and Abraham believed that God would keep His word. God promised Abram and Sarah a baby. Even though they had to wait a long time, God kept His word. He is reliable! God will keep His promises to us!

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