Splink 1:

What’s It For?

Look in the kitchen drawer (or office) and find some items your kids may not recognize or know their purpose. Some ideas: strawberry huller, melon baller, sifter, hand can opener, etc. Ask them to guess the purpose of each item.

Each of these items was created with a specific design in mind. God created people with a design in mind. First, He created Adam and then later gave him Eve to love and cherish. Then God gave them children to love and teach about God. Of course, Adam and Eve didn’t follow God’s original plan, but He had a plan so man could still have a close relationship with Him. God sent Jesus to die on the cross so we could be close to God. Things don’t always turn out the way God originally intended, but He still loves us and works with us to accomplish His purpose.

Splink 2:

Your Future Mate?

For dinner conversation, find out your kids’ thoughts about marriage. Ask them some questions:

  • Is it better to be married or single?
  • What is the best age to get married?
  • How should you decide who to marry?
  • How would you make a marriage work?
  • Describe the person you would like to marry.

Marriage is God’s idea. He gave Adam someone to love (Eve) and someone who could love him back. God cares about who you marry.

Say a prayer for your kids’ future mates. Pray for them to learn to obey their parents and God. Pray for them to love God with all their hearts and stay away from sin.

Splink 3:

Which Way Do We Go?

Run a three-legged race to introduce the idea of marrying believers. Pair up kids and tie one of each kid’s legs together with a scarf—except have them facing opposite directions. When you say go, instruct them to run as fast as they can toward the designated finish line.

What happened? (We fell; we were going opposite directions and couldn’t go anywhere; etc.)

Why was it hard to run toward the finish line? (We were going in two different directions.)

Read 2 Corinthians 6:14. What does the Bible say about being yoked (joined) together with unbelievers? (Don’t do it!)

Run the race toward the finish line (again), but this time with each pair holding hands.

It is easier to get to the finish line if you are both going the same direction. God wants a believer (one who believes in Jesus and follows Him) to marry another believer. Then they will be going in the same direction, loving and serving God together.

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