Splinks for the week of February 23-29, 2020

Mirror Image

Fold a piece of paper in half long end to long end, then have your child write his or her name on the fold line. (Cursive is great!) Trace the name with black crayon and then press the fold closed again so that it will imprint a reflection on the other side of the fold. Have your child color in the abstract shape the reflected names make when joined. Talk together about the way God wants our minds to reflect His mind, to mirror His thinking and His plans.

When we learn from God’s Word, our minds will be more like the mind of Christ (Philippians 2:5, 1 Corinthians 2:16).

A Grand Plan

When God created the universe, He had a plan for everything to perfectly work together to allow life on Earth. In the same way, God created each of us with purpose.

Talk with your kids about the many ways we can see God’s intentional design and plan in all He created. The Bible teaches us to set our minds on Christ and to constantly try to be more like Him.

Meditate and Memorize

Prepare a bowl of M&M candies, an empty bowl, and two sets of chopsticks. We are each going to see how many M&Ms we can transfer from the candy bowl to the empty bowl in one minute. (Consider allowing younger children to use tongs instead of chopsticks.) Increase the fun by only allowing certain colors to be moved or making family members stand on one foot while doing the challenge. Name a winner and enjoy a treat of M&M candies while you discuss.

One of the best ways to renew our minds to achieve God’s plan for our lives is to meditate on and memorize His Word. That’s not what the makers of this candy intended when they used the letter M to mark them, but that’s what I want us to think about today. Meditating on God’s Word and memorizing it will help us fulfill God’s plan for our minds instead of letting the things of this world work to corrupt them.

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