Students using the D6 curriculum were challenged to share some very good news (using the booklet they made) with another person. Before they share this good news, brainstorm ways to care for the person (they hope to share with). Some ideas: smile, say hello, sit together at lunch, include others at recess, listen, help with homework, share kind words when someone is sad, share a snack, etc. You might want to write these on a piece of paper or white board and post the list where everyone can see it.

If we say mean or hateful things to others, do you think they will want to listen to us? (NO!)

Before we share, let’s make sure we care!

Do Good…Whenever…Wherever

Do good deeds for family members!

Ask family members to write out a good deed that they could do for someone in the family on a slip of paper. (You may want to brainstorm some ideas first: Do your chore. Play a game. Help you clean your room. Fix the broken gadget. Share a snack. Watch a movie together. Take a walk…. whatever would be enjoyable)

Write the name of each family member on a slip of paper and place them in a separate bag or basket. Allow each person to pick a slip to find out the person they will do their good deed for some time that day.

Talk about it at bedtime:

How did you feel when someone did this good deed for/with you?

Why is it good to do good things for one another? (it helps them; it makes them feel loved; God notices and will reward us; etc.)

Read Proverbs 3:27.

What does this tell us to do? (do not withhold good for others when it is in our power to do so)

We should do good deeds every chance that we get!

Family Resemblance

Items Needed: pieces of copy or construction paper

Markers or pencils

Ask family members to draw a picture of the person that they think they look most like. (Mom and Dad can also draw pictures.) After each one has shown their picture, switch and talk about other characteristics – not physical ones.

What are some of your good characteristics which you share with other family members? (Sarah is like Aunt Jane who is very loving. Mark is very honest like Dad.)

Read Acts 10:38.

What did Jesus do while He was on the earth? (He went around doing good.)

As part of His family, we can be like Jesus by doing good things for others.

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