Splink 1:

The Whole Picture

Draw a simple picture, but only draw part of the picture. (Leave out the important parts.) Invite the others to guess what it is. If they can’t guess, finish the drawing.

It was hard to guess the picture when you only saw part of it. Sometimes we judge others without knowing the whole story. You might think someone is unfriendly, but she is really just shy around people. You might think someone is showing off, but he just wants to be a part of the group. We don’t always know the complete picture. We don’t know what another person is thinking or what is going on in his/her life at home or elsewhere. God is the judge of every person. Only God knows that person’s thoughts and the whole picture/situation. It is better to show grace than to judge others.

Splink 2:

Given to Give

Ask one of the kids to give an item (that they probably don’t have—a pen, an item of food, a candy bar, etc.) to a sibling. When he says he can’t because he doesn’t have one, ask if he will give one if you supply it. If he agrees, give him the item.

Ask, Have you ever felt like you couldn’t give kindness or love to someone? Yes, we’ve all felt that way. One secret that can help us give to others is to remember the kindness/grace that we have received from God. God is kind to us even when we don’t deserve it. God gave His Son to die for us even when we were sinners. As God gives us grace, we can give grace to others.

Splink 3:

The Right Kind of Words

Siblings can sometimes get lax in speaking grace filled words to one another. Call a family meeting and talk about what words are permitted and which aren’t. “I don’t like what you are doing” might be permitted; “I hate you” is not. Make sure that everyone contributes and decides on what is acceptable and what is not.
Make and post a list of the right kind of words on the fridge. To get them thinking and talking, ask, When you are having a bad day, what words could make you feel better? (Some ideas to get you started: Can I help you? I forgive you. Thank you. Would you like to _____? I’m sorry you feel bad.)

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