Splink 1:

The Best Gift

Don’t let the Christmas fun end! Purchase a small gift. (You may want to put a bag of treats that can be shared or a gift card to a favorite donut shop in the last box so everyone can share in the gift.) Collect several gift boxes (larger than the gift) and wrap the gift several times (at least five or six times), each time putting it in a larger box and wrapping it. Play a game to find out who will be the final “owner” of the gift. (This could even be adapted using gift bags.)

To play, sit in a circle and pass around the gift as you play music. When the music stops, the one holding the gift can unwrap the package—until he or she comes to another wrapped package. The last one to reveal the contents of the wrapped box will get to keep/share it.

God promised hundreds of years before Jesus was born that He would send His Son to die for our sins (Genesis 3:15). If God says He will do something, we can count on Him to keep His word. Jesus is God’s best gift to the world!

Splink 2:

The Story Never Gets Old

Review the Christmas story. Assign parts (Mary, Joseph, angel, shepherds, sheep, donkey, etc.) and read the Christmas story from Luke 2:1-20 while the characters act out their parts. Video the “performance” as it will be fun to watch…over and over again (especially when the kids are grown!)

What should we say when someone gives us a gift? (Thank you)

God gave us a wonderful gift when He sent Jesus into the world.

Say a special prayer to thank God for His great gift!

Splink 3:

Share an object lesson about God’s greatest gift.

Wrap a small gift to illustrate the gift God gives to us. (You may want to wrap and give a small gift to each child after you share the object lesson so you don’t hear cries of “Where’s MY gift?”)

Hold out the gift and say something like, “I promise that the first one to take this can have it.” (Give it to the one who responded first.)

“What did you have to do to get it? Did you have to pay for it? Did you have to be good to get it? What did you have to do it? (Take it; receive it; etc.) Did I keep my promise?”

Read John 1:12.

What is the promise in this Bible verse? (That whoever receives Jesus will become part of God’s family.)

God offers us a wonderful gift. He wants to take away our sin (which keeps us separate from Him) and make us part of His family. Jesus paid with His life so we can have this gift. We can’t buy it or be good enough to get it. We must simply believe in Jesus and receive His forgiveness. Jesus is the best gift!

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