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Going My Way?

Think of two tasks in opposite directions. (Bring me a book from the shelf in the den. Bring my shoe from the bedroom – if those are opposite directions.) Write each task on a separate piece of paper. (If you have more than two kids, make another set for each pair.) Pair up kids and ask them to link arms. Give each one a slip of paper and instruct them to see how quickly they can complete the task when you say ‘Go’. (If you have more than one pair, they can all go at the same time.)

After much struggling, call a halt. Gather them together and give them another slip of paper, this time with the same task and destination on each slip. At the signal to go, give them another chance and see how quickly they can accomplish it.

Why was it easier to accomplish the task the second time? (We were working together; we were going the same place; etc.)

Read 2 Corinthians 6:14-16.

Why is it important for us to be ‘linked up’ with other believers? (So we can both go in the right way; so we won’t be pulled in the wrong direction; etc.)

Christian friends can help us because we are both going in the right direction.

Choosing Good Friends

Items Needed: newspaper
Copy or construction paper

Lay out the newspaper on a table and use it as a ‘tablecloth’ for an art project. Draw pictures on copy or construction paper. When finished, ask kids to look at their arms and see if any of the ink from the newspaper rubbed off on them.

The ink from the newspaper rubbed off on us because we were in close contact with it.

How can other people rub off on us? (We can pick up their habits, we can start saying some of the same words they do, etc.)

We must choose friends carefully because they will rub off on us – they can help us do what is right or they can influence us to do wrong things.

Friends Help Each Other

Brainstorm ways that good friends can help one another to do the right way. Pair up kids and ask each pair to make a list. When finished, ask them to share their list with the rest of the family. If they need help, remind them to remember ways that their friends have helped them.

Some Bible verses, if needed: Romans 12:10, Romans 15:7, Romans 15:14, Galatians 5:13, Galatians 6:2, Ephesians 4:32, Philippians 2:3

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