Splink 1:

What Do You Love?

After dinner, set the timer for three minutes and send the kids back to their rooms to return with the thing they love the most. (If it can’t be easily carried, they can write what it is on a piece of paper and bring it back.)


Why do you love this?

It’s okay to love things as long as we keep them in their proper place. Things should never be more important to us than God is. The Bible says we are to love God with all our hearts, soul, mind, and spirit—with everything in us! (Mark 12:30). That means putting Him first before everything else.

What can you do this week to put God first and show that you love Him?

Splink 2:

I Love You

Give each family member two or three hearts (cut out of construction or copy paper) and a pencil or pen. Ask each one to think of and write on each heart, a way to love God. To get them thinking, ask, What makes you feel loved? (When someone listens; spends time; gives gifts; helps you; says I love you; says kind words; praises you; thinks about you; pays attention to you; etc.)

Collect all the hearts into a jar or bowl and draw out one or two and challenge everyone to show love to God in this way for the day.

When we love God, we will show it with loving words and actions.

Splink 3:

Prove It

Ask each family member to think of something she can do (especially something no one else can do). Don’t tell anyone. One at a time, allow each person to announce what she can do. Then she must prove it and actually do what she said she could.

Did you know that Jesus said there was a way to know if we really love God? Read John 14:15. How can we show that we love God? (Obey His commandments; His rules; etc.) We show our devotion and love to God by obeying His commands, by doing what He has asked.

Where do we find God’s commands/rules? God gives us rules in the Bible. He loves us and wants to protect and help us. We show our love to Him when we pay attention to and obey His rules.

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