Splink 1:

Give to God 1st

Give each child a set amount of money (how much would depend on their ages) to manage each week. (Yes, we do some things because we live in the house, but giving children some money of their own will help them learn how to handle it.)

To help teach your child about putting God first place in giving of money, develop three banks: Money for God, Money to Save, and Money to Spend. This can be done in envelopes, jars, plastic containers, etc. Each time your child receives money, have him or her put 10% first in the “Money for God” and encourage them also to save before spending.

Choose a specific time each week (every Saturday morning or every Sunday evening) and give them their money. (Coins are good, because it seems like they’re getting more and they can easily put the correct amount into the envelopes.)

We give to God because we are thankful for all He has given us. As we put Him FIRST, He has promised to take care of us.

Splink 2:

A Little by Many Makes a LOT

Host a “Back to School” (or “Is Summer Really Over?!) party and ask the guests to bring school supplies that will be donated to a local school or teacher to use as needed. Buy some ice cream and toppings. Play a few simple games. Remind your kids that by everyone’s generosity, many kids who need supplies can be helped. We can all do something to help others. We honor God when we give to others!

Splink 3:

Do I Have to Share?

To show the need for sharing with others, go one day without running water. Not really, but every time family members want to turn on the faucet, they must walk to a bucket (placed at the edge of the backyard) and back to remind that there are many people in the world who don’t have running water in their homes. According to www.waterproject.org, 783 million people do not have access to clean and safe water worldwide. Collect money and send it to a relief organization that helps build wells or provides clean water.

God gives us what we need and more. How much can we share so others can have what they need?

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