Finely Tuned!

Read Psalm 139:13-14, Hebrews 3:4, and Genesis 1:1.

Scripture provides teaching and evidence that God exists and the world around us definitely points to a Creator. Use one or both of these examples to inspire your family to think about the existence of God and the many ways we see Him in our everyday surroundings.

There are many finely tuned details about our universe that imply something (or Someone) knew what they were doing when it all began. A few examples of these details include:

  • The human body has many functions that are necessary for life, most of which we never think about. For example, the body reproduces two million red blood cells every second. We do not have to concentrate or tell our bodies to do this—they just do it. In one day, the average hu­man body will produce 200 billion red blood cells, constantly removing carbon dioxide from the body, transporting it to the lungs to be exhaled out of the body. This type of intricate detail does not point to chance, but rather to a Designer.
  • Jupiter is significant for life on Earth. Due to the size of the planet, the gravitational force on Jupiter is 2.4 times the gravity on Earth. If Jupiter were not this size, requiring such a strong gravitational pull, and if it were not positioned where it is in our solar system, Earth would be the recipient of daily meteor showers, rendering it uninhabitable. Jupiter acts as a protector for Earth, taking the hits on our behalf!

These are only a small sample of thousands of finely tuned details of how our universe functions, all of which indicate an intelligent mind behind it.

Are You Sure?  

Gather the family to the dining table or an area where you have put a few chairs beside one another in a row. Ask for volunteers to select a chair to sit in. After the chairs have been selected, ask the following questions and discuss responses:

What made you choose the chair you chose?

Why didn’t you turn the chair over to inspect it before you sat in it?

Were you concerned the chair would fall apart when you sat in it?

Evidence of the chair’s dependability in the past helped give you confidence in choosing it today. You didn’t test it out, and you didn’t worry it would collapse as soon as you sat on it.  We have much more evidence around us to support the existence of our amazing Creator God than we do the dependability on a chair.

Lead your family in a time of prayer and praise and see how many things you can name that provide evidence of God’s existence.

Alphabet Soup

Use alphabet blocks, Scrabble or Boggle pieces, or even homemade letter flashcards to illustrate intentional design in creation. Place the letter cards or pieces in a bag and dump them on the floor.  See how many words were created from the way the letters landed.  Then set a timer for 2 to 5 minutes (depending on the ages of kids) and encourage family members to work together to make as many words as possible with the letters provided. They can be positioned as individual words, but if connected as in a crossword puzzle, the letters can be shared to create more words. When the timer goes off, allow the youngest family member to count the words created. Compare the new amount to the original amount from when the letters were dumped out.

Read Romans 1:20. From the creation of the world, we can see evidence of the intentional design of a Creator God. The intricate details of this world and the living creatures in it did not happen by chance. They required a Designer who knew what was needed just like the words we made from those letters required us to move them around. It didn’t happen by accident or chance. God is real and we can see evidence of that truth all around us.

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