Splink 1:

Let’s Talk

Let one of the kids make a phone call to a friend or relative.

After talking on the phone, ask:

What do you like about talking to Grandma (or the person you called) on the phone? (I like telling her about my day; I feel closer to her when I hear her voice; I like her telling me things; etc.)

How is talking on the phone like talking to God? (I talk, He listens; I get to tell Him what I’m doing; I feel closer to Him when I talk to Him; etc.)

The Bible says, “Call unto me and I will answer thee (Jeremiah 33:3a). God wants you to talk to Him. Tell Him anything you would want to tell a friend. He wants to hear about your day and your problems. He loves you and wants you to talk to Him.

Splink 2:

Get Ready

Run a relay to see which team can complete all five morning activities first.

Items Needed: Bible; items that kids would need to get ready in the morning (toothbrush, hair brush, washcloth, cereal bowl and spoon, pair of shoes that are large enough for each one to wear). You will need two of each item.

Divide family into two teams and line them up on one side of the room, opposite the side where the items are. First one from each team runs to the items, chooses one thing and completes the action (as if he were getting ready in a morning). He then runs back to his team, tags the next person, and goes to the end of the line. (He may need to run again.) The next person does the same until all five activities have been completed. The first team to complete all five is the winner.

Talk about it:

Why is it important to prepare for the day by doing some of the actions we just did? (You brush your teeth because you don’t want to have bad breath or cavities; you eat so you won’t be hungry later; etc.)

Read 1 Timothy 2:1-4. What does it say we should do? (Pray so we can live a godly and peaceful life)

The best way to prepare for the day is to pray.

Students used the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13) as a guide. Say the prayer together at home.

Splink 3:

Give Thanks…A–Z!

A big part of prayer is giving thanks. Make a long mural of things you are thankful for—things you are glad you have.

Write each letter of the alphabet vertically on the long piece of paper. (If you don’t have a long piece, tape pieces of copy or construction paper together end to end to make a long piece about four or five feet long.) Take turns and let each family member write a word (or draw a picture) of something they are thankful for that starts with that letter. You can go in order (A–Z) or let them choose a letter.

Keep the list up all week and add to it when you think of something else you can give thanks for. (Maybe your Thanksgiving guests would like to add one.)

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