Splink 1:

Join the Parade

What would it have been like to see Jesus ride into Jerusalem on a donkey with people shouting praises to Him?

Plan your own parade to celebrate the coming of Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday (this coming Sunday, April 9th). Throw some stuffed animals in a wagon and march in the backyard or decorate the bikes and ride in the neighborhood or park. Make some simple instruments and play them in praise while marching through the house! There are tons of ideas on the web: coffee cans could become drums; rice in a water bottle could become maracas; a paper towel roll can become a horn; two matching pot lids can become cymbals; etc.

***Older kids can look up ideas on the internet. Crank up some lively praise music to play as you march!

Splink 2:

Proud as a Peacock

 Have you ever heard the phrase “proud as a peacock”?

Why do you think the peacock would be called proud?

Look up facts about the peacock on the internet for an answer.

Here are some interesting facts:

  • A peacock (peacock refers to the male bird, while females are peahens, and the young are peachicks) is known for its beautiful, bright blue and green, iridescent tail. 
  • An adult peacock’s train of feathers, or coverts, can be sixty inches long with a wingspan of up to six feet. Peacocks have a crest or crown on the top of their heads that gives them a royal appearance.
  • Some think that the peacock fans out his feathers/train to get the peahens to notice him. The male then does a courtship dance.
  • According to the “Encyclopedia of Word and Phrase Origins” by Robert Hendrickson (Facts on File, New York, 1997), the male peacock’s beauty and the way he fans out his train led to its name becoming a synonym for a proud person.

Sometimes a good way to understand something is to look at its opposite. Pride is the opposite of humility/meekness. It’s easier to recognize pride than it is to see humility. Pride is thinking about myself all the time—my way, my rights, my needs, my, my, my!

What does pride look like in people? (Wanting to be first; wanting to be noticed; wanting your way; thinking you are better than others; etc.)

What does humility look like in people? (Working together; caring about others; serving others; thinking about others more than about yourself, etc.)

Remembering Jesus’ sacrifice can help us to be humble and think of others.

Splink 3:

Me, My, and Mine

Parents, throw a temper tantrum, yelling and arguing over something silly such as the remote control for the TV. (It’s mine; my mommy gave it to me. I’m never letting you watching MY TV again. Have fake crying and make exaggerated arguments like your children might.) Your kids will look on wide-eyed and shocked!

What did you think about the way we were acting?

Why do you think it was wrong?

Explain that you were just “play-acting,” but fighting to get your own way is NOT showing humility.

Read Philippians 2:1-11 to find out what a humble attitude looks like. (thinking about others, not being selfish, having love, serving others as Jesus did, being obedient)

Jesus is our example of humility. Even though He was king and creator of the universe, He gave it up and willingly came to earth because of His love for us! Wow!

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