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By October 26, 2014 Splink

All Puffed Up

Items Needed: balloon

Sometimes a good way to understand a word is to think about its opposite. The opposite of humility is pride.

What is pride? (Thinking too highly of one’s self; thinking you are better than others; etc.)

Invite the kids to think of and say statements that a proud person might say. With each statement, blow a big puff into the balloon (holding it closed until all statements have been added).

• I am better than anyone on my team.
• I bet they wish they were as good as me
• I don’t need anybody’s help.
• She’s lucky to have me as her friend.
• Why should I have to wait in line?
• I don’t care what my parents say.
• I’ll do what I want.
• She isn’t as smart as me.
• I should get to go first.

This is a big bag of air. An over-inflated opinion of oneself pushes others away from us. (Let the air escape.) Even God resists the proud. (James 4:6) We need to humble ourselves and recognize that we need God and others.

Do What I Do

Play a game of imitation. Pair up family members and ask them to face one another. Choose one to lead. This person will do simple actions (scratch nose, put hair behind ear, blink eyes, raise arm, etc.) and the other person must imitate that person as quickly and closely as possible. Reverse roles.

Was it easy to follow your partner’s example? Why or why not?

We need good examples to follow. Jesus is our example of humility. (If you have older kids, you might want to read Philippians 2:5-8.)

How did Jesus model humility for us? (He left heaven and came to earth; He was considerate of others; He was gentle with young kids; He forgave others; He didn’t insist on His own way; etc.)

How can show humility to others? (We can think of others; we can admit when we are wrong; we can talk to others in a kind and gentle manner; etc.)

By following Jesus’ example, we can model humility for others.

You Go First

Declare this a “You Go First” week.

One way to kill pride is to think of others more than we think of ourselves. Challenge family members to look for ways to let others go first.

For example:
• If you are watching TV, let someone else pick the show.
• If you are riding in the car, let someone else choose the ‘best’ seat.
• If you are picking a snack, let someone else choose what they want first.

How did you feel when someone let you go first? (Cared for, happy, etc.)

How did you feel when you let someone go first? (Glad that I was doing the right thing; happy that I could make someone else happy; etc.)

Humility draws other people toward us.

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