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Number 1

Ask kids to bring some of their toys to dinner. After the meal, let them organize the things from the best to the worst.

Why did you put that _____ in first place? (I love to play with it; I’ve had it a long time; etc.)

Spending time playing with a toy that you like is not bad. But would it be a good thing if you spent ALL your time every day with that toy?

God gives us all things to enjoy, (1 Timothy 6:17) but it is possible to love things more than God. When things or people or events become more important to us than our friendship with God, they become an idol, something we love more than God. =

Don’t Smile!

Play the game, “Honey, if you love me smile.” Choose one person to be “it” and tell him that his goal is to get the others to smile. Instruct him to go to each person and say the statement, “Honey, if you love me smile.” He can do anything to try and make the others smile, except touch them (funny faces, silly noises, jokes, etc.).

Every other person’s main job is NOT to smile. They are to remain straight-faced and say, “Honey, I love you but I just can’t smile. (You may want to practice saying that a few times before you start so they understand what they are supposed to do.)

See how long each one can go without becoming distracted and smile. (If someone smiles, pick a new “it” and continue the game.)

How did _______ get you to smile? (He made funny faces, etc.)

Even when you knew what you were supposed to do (not smile), it was hard to do it. We know we are supposed to love God and keep His commands, but it easy for us to be distracted and love other things more than God.

Read Deuteronomy 11:21, 26-28.

What did God promise the Israelites? (If they would love God and walk in His ways, He would bless them)

King Jeroboam led the people to love other gods and disobey His commands. The people did not stay true to their main purpose, but were distracted by other things. Loving God is our main purpose!

The Rock!

Items Needed:
– Small rock
– Nine pieces of copy or construction paper

Write the words of the Bible verse (Psalm 31:3) on nine pieces of paper (Assign each child two or three words to write on each piece so there will be a total of nine pieces.) Lay them out in a 3 X 3 pattern on the floor – like a tic-tac-toe pattern. Mark a designated spot for throwing and take turns tossing the rock onto the papers. If the rock lands on a piece of paper, remove it. Say the verse together without those words. Keep going until all pieces have been removed and everyone can say the verse without looking at the papers.

Psalm 31:3 is a prayer from King David asking for God’s help.

To what does David compare God? (A rock and fortress, a protection)

What does David ask God to do? (To lead and guide him)

What are some ways God guides us? (Through the Bible, through godly parents and other people, the Holy Spirit living in us, etc.)

Why do we need God to guide us? (He is wise and knows the right and best way; we don’t know the best way to live; we need to know the right way; etc.)

God is wise and strong and can guide us in the right way.

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