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Excuses, Excuses

Play the “Excuses Game” (a good game to play while riding in the car). The first person should give a command to be obeyed (put on your shoes, take the dog outside, take out the trash, do your homework, clean your room, etc.) Everyone else must think of an excuse why you CAN’T do it. The more outlandish the better!

Why do we give excuses when we should obey? (because we don’t want to do it, we don’t think we can do it, we are selfish and want our own way, we are afraid we might get in trouble, etc.)

God gave King Saul a command and he didn’t obey. He made an excuse for why he didn’t obey. God gave Saul the consequence – he would not be able to lead the people of Israel. It is important to obey God!

Splink 2

Choice to Obey/Disobey

Make up a continuing story about obedience/disobedience with a coin. Read one of the story starters below (or your own) and give the coin to the first one who will flip it to find out if the main character obeys or disobeys (heads for obey and tails for disobey). After she has added a few sentences to the story, pass the coin to another one who will flip it and add a few sentences. Continue until story is ‘complete’. Stories can be serious or silly or both!

Story starters:

• Malcolm made a gigantic mess in the kitchen. His mom had left him in charge of Saturday morning breakfast while she ran an errand. “Tidy up and I’ll take you to the batting range when I get back,” she said. Just as Malcolm put away the milk, he was distracted by…
• Regina’s teacher ran to the principal’s office. “Stay in your seats and finish your assignment,” she announced. Just as she walked out the door, Regina saw a snake slither out of the teacher’s desk.
• “Don’t ride your bike past the stop sign on the corner,” Arnie’s dad told him. While Arnie was riding his bicycle with his best friend when they saw a giant elephant run down the street – past the stop sign.

Saul disobeyed God and suffered the consequences. Every choice – both obedience and disobedience matters.

Splink 3:

Red light, Green light

Elementary students learned to use a stoplight to help them make good choices.

• Red – Stop and Think
• Yellow – Consider the Choices and Consequences
• Green – Go God’s Way

As you are driving, think up different situations and go through the steps with your kids.

For example: You want to go to a friend’s house, but you’re supposed to walk the dog.

Stop and Think
Instead of running out the door and doing what you want, stop and think about what you are doing
Consider the Choices and Consequences
1. you could forget about the dog and then your dog might have an accident and then your parents would be upset because you didn’t do your chore
2. you could walk the dog and then go to a friend’s house and everyone will be happier – you, the dog, and your parents

Go God’s Way
What do you think God would want? He would want you to obey your parents and so choose to do what’s right.

It is always better to think about our choices and choose God’s way.

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