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Walking With Integrity

Integrity is doing or saying the right thing…even if no one is looking. Students learned about Enoch’s integrity in walking with God.

Write each of the following instructions on a slip of paper and put them in a basket:
– Sit down
– run ahead of the other person
– run in a circle around the other person and make a loud noise
– close your eyes and walk
– walk in the opposite direction from the other person

Pair up everyone and let one from each pair pick a slip from the basket. At the signal to “go,” one is to walk straight ahead and one is to do whatever is written on their slip of paper while trying to get to the goal line. (Mark a goal line by placing a chair on the opposite side of the starting line.) The first pair to reach the “goal” is the winner. (Go outside, if weather permits.)

Talk about it:
Why was it hard to get to the goal? (One person was always going the wrong direction.)

Enoch’s goal was to love and please God. He did the right thing. There are many things to distract you from going the right way. When you get distracted, ask forgiveness and go the right way.

Splink 2

Learning From People of Integrity

Interview an elderly person to hear their thoughts about their relationship—their walk—with God. Brainstorm some questions for the kids to ask (some are below) and even write them out. If they have questions of their own, let them ask those also.
– Tell us about yourself. (kids, grandkids, etc)
– What did you like to do in your free time when you were a kid?
– What did your family do together when you were young?
– What was your school like?
– What did you get in trouble for when you were a kid?
– Tell us when and how you become a Christian.
– Tell us about a time when God helped you.
– What is the best thing about having a relationship with Jesus?

Splink 3:

Thank a Pastor of Integrity

October is Pastor Appreciation Month. Brainstorm ways that your family can show kindness to a person of integrity.

A few ideas:

– Treat their family to dinner at a restaurant or at your house
– Deliver a basket of goodies, ring the doorbell and run
– Write notes (or draw pictures) of thanks, telling what you like
– Give a gift certificate
– Post your words of praise on Facebook

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