No One’s Looking

Bake a batch of cookies (or another treat), count them and put them on a plate on the kitchen counter. Add a sign that says, “DO NOT EAT!” Then leave the room.

After a couple of hours, count the cookies to see if any are missing. Call everyone together and talk about it:

If cookies are missing, announce that this was a test and you know that someone failed it.

What was the temptation? (to eat the cookies when no one was looking)

Is it wrong to be tempted? (no, we are all tempted to do wrong things every day)

When is it wrong? (when we “eat the cookie” or do whatever we are not supposed to do)

Someone has said that integrity is doing what’s right even when no one is looking.

Why is it hard to be a person of integrity? (we want the cookie; we want to do what we want; we think we won’t get caught; etc.)

Even when it is hard, we can have integrity…even when no one is looking.

The devil made me do it!

Students learned five ways the devil tempts us to treat others wrongly. (1 Timothy 5) Guide kids in creating stories or skits about these temptations.

  1. Disrespect
  2. Selfishness
  3. Laziness
  4. Gossip
  5. Prejudice/unfair judgment

Divide kids into pairs and give each pair two household items (pencil, toy, shoe, cell phone, book, hair brush, teddy bear, cookie, etc.). Then ask them to pick one of the ways we are tempted (disrespect for others, selfishness, laziness, etc.) They must make up a story or skit, using their two items, of how someone was tempted, but said no and did the right thing.

We are all tempted, but we don’t have to give in. The devil can’t MAKE us sin. We can choose to say NO to temptation and YES to God’s way.

It’s Coming!

Begin preparing for Good Friday and Easter.

Some ideas:

  • Plan a special dinner for Good Friday, light some candles and talk about Jesus’ crucifixion. (Read parts of Mark 15:1-38.) Blow out the candle when you speak of His death to symbolize the hours of darkness. Re-light the candle and thank Jesus for being the light to show us the way to heaven.
  • Invite friends and family to the Easter celebration at your church and to a brunch/lunch afterward.
  • Make a Celebration banner. Write each letter of a message – Jesus is Alive; Happy Easter; He is Risen; etc. on a separate piece of card stock. Let kids decorate each one and tape them to a long piece of ribbon or twine. Hang it outside, if possible to share the good news with neighbors.
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