Do They Go Together?

Play a simple game taking turns and letting each one pick things that go together (socks and shoes; baseball and bat; salt and pepper; macaroni and cheese; etc.)

After you’ve made some matches, ask:

Do God’s love and God’s anger go together? Why or why not?

Most of the time we only want to talk about God’s love (especially with our kids), but it is God’s passionate love for us that causes His hatred of sin and His wrath. God hates sin because sin separates Him from the people He made and loves. It is right to be angry at sin and the devil (who tries to harm and even destroy the people God loves). God hates sin so much that some day He will finally say it is enough and the devil will be punished forever in hell (a place made for the devil and his followers).

*****Parents, you know your children and how much and when to talk about these difficult topics with your children. Just as you protect them from dangerous things (riding their bike on a busy street, playing with knives, etc.), you must not hesitate to tell them the truth about God’s eventual judgment for sin.

Which way?

Take a walk with your kids. Every time you come to an intersection, ask them to choose which way to go and then go that way.


What would happen if you made the choice to go the other way? Where would it end? (In a different place)

The choices we made determined where we would end up.

Do we have a choice about where we will go when we die? (Yes)

The choices we make about Jesus determine where we will live when we die. God gave us a free will. That means we can decide if we want to spend our life with God or separated from God. God wants us to go His way, but He doesn’t make anyone love or accept His Son, Jesus. He gives us a choice. If we choose to go God’s way, we will never be judged (punished) for our sin and will live forever in Heaven. If we choose to go another way, we will be separated from God forever in hell.

Be Safe

Devise a fire escape plan for your family. Tell everyone what he or she should do in the case of fire. Assure them that you want each one to be safe and not be hurt just in case there is a fire. Practice the drill a few times.

Why is important to have a fire escape plan? (So we can all get out of the house in case of fire; so we can be safe)

Even though a fire would be a terrible thing, we don’t need to worry about it, because we have a plan of escape.

God has made a plan so we can be safe. God is holy and must punish sin. When Jesus died on the cross, He took the punishment for sin. If we accept Jesus into our lives, we do not need to worry because we will not have to suffer the punishment for our sin.

Say a prayer thanking Jesus for suffering the punishment for our sin and making a way for us to be with God in heaven.

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