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By January 12, 2014 March 7th, 2014 Splink

God Still Loves

Read and act out the story of the first sin from Genesis 3:1-6, 22-23.


Did God still love Adam and Eve after they sinned?

Adam and Eve chose their own way instead of God’s way. God wanted to be close to them, but their sins separated them from God. Even though they sinned, God still loved them and promised to send His Son to take away their sin.

Doing Our Own Thing

Pose the question to your kids: Why is it easier to sin than to do what is right?

Because of Adam and Eve’s sin, we are all born with a desire to sin.

From the time we were little, we wanted our own way. No one had to teach us to be selfish, lie, or disobey. It is easier to sin than to do what is right. We need Jesus’ help to bring us closer to God.

Made Right With God

Read or tell the following story:

Andrea listened carefully as her mom explained, “You may play with this jewelry, but don’t touch the jewelry in this box.”

“Thank you, Mom!” Andrea excitedly said.

Every time Andrea’s friend, Sarah came over, they pulled out the jewelry and played dress-up. They imagined themselves in all different places going to parties and having fun. One day, Andrea was looking for something special to wear so she went into her mom’s room and borrowed a beautiful necklace from her mom’s jewelry box. Sarah oohed and aahed when Andrea put it on. What a fun time they had! When Sarah’s mom arrived to drive her home, they quickly changed out of their dress-up clothes. Andrea was hurrying and broke the clasp on her mother’s necklace.

Andrea hid the necklace under her bed and stayed in her room the rest of the day. She didn’t even want to see her mom. Mom noticed that Andrea was quiet at dinner, so she asked at bedtime, “Are you feeling okay?”

“Sure,” she answered without looking her in the face.

Why didn’t Andrea want to see her mom? (Because she was guilty; because she disobeyed; etc.)

What does Andrea need to do to reconcile (be close to) her mom again? (She needs to confess, to tell her what she did, and ask forgiveness, etc.)

Our sins separate us from God. How can we be close to Him? (Through Jesus’ death on the cross; through confessing our sin; etc.)

Jesus’ death reconciled (brought us close) to God.


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