Splink 1:

Tell your child that to know a person you first learn things about that person.

Help your child come up with a few questions and let her “interview” a grandparent or other relative.

  • What was your favorite toy/game?
  • What did you like about school?
  • What is your favorite food?
  • What were your chores as a child?
  • What pets did you have?
  • How did you learn about God?
  • Tell how you met your mate story.

Videotape the interview if possible.

How can we know about Jesus? (By reading the Bible) 

What do we know about Jesus from the Bible? (He is kind; He helped people; He loved children; He was obedient to His Father’s will; He was willing to take the punishment for sin by dying on the cross; He had no sin; He is wise and fair; etc.)

Splink 2:

Draw family portraits. After everyone is finished drawing a picture of themselves, pass the picture to the right and have each person write one good characteristic (kind; strong; helpful; etc.) about that person on the picture. Help young ones who can’t write yet. Continue passing it until the picture gets back to its owner. Read each person’s characteristics aloud.

If you want to know what God is like (not physically), look at Jesus. Jesus said, “He that has seen me, has seen the Father” (John 14:9).

Write “Jesus” on a piece of paper. Let each person write a characteristic about Him on the paper (loving; kind; wise; holy; generous; forgiving; etc.) Read them aloud.

All of these are true about God because Jesus is God. He is loving, kind, wise, holy, generous, forgiving, etc. He is to be honored above all!

Display the pictures on the refrigerator—including the one with the good qualities about Jesus. Choose one characteristic as praise to God when you say prayers at meals.

Splink 3:

Pay attention to the ads as you watch TV.


What does that ad tell you about that product? (It looks fun; it tells you where it’s located; it tells you how much it costs; etc.)

What can you tell about God by looking at Jesus? (He is kind to children; He is holy; He is forgiving; He is powerful; etc.)

Jesus was a walking, talking, breathing advertisement of God. God is invisible so we can’t see Him. He took on a human body so we could know what He is like.

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