Splink 1:

Item Needed: Salty snack (crackers, pretzels, popcorn, chips, etc); ice cold water

Share the snack (except the water) with the kids. After they’re quite thirsty and asking for something to drink, give them the ice cold water.


Why did the water seem to taste so good? (Because we were so thirsty)

We need water to satisfy our thirst. We need Jesus to satisfy us, too.

Why do we need Jesus? (We need Him to forgive our sins; we need His help to do what is right; we need Him to live!)

Jesus compared the satisfying, eternal life He gives to water. We are all “thirsty” without Jesus. He gives us what we need to live a great life here on earth and in Heaven after we die.

Splink 2:

Ask kids to imagine that they are in a desert on a very hot day and they haven’t had a drink of water all day. How do you think you would feel if someone gave you an ice-cold bottle of water?

Jesus told the woman at the well that He wanted to give her living water. Just as our physical bodies need water to live, we all need our sins forgiven to go to Heaven. Every person on earth needs Jesus. Without Him, they cannot go to Heaven. We want to be glad to tell our friends about Jesus and His love for them. We are telling them about the best thing that could ever happen to them!

Who do we know that needs Jesus?

Make a list and pray for the people you know that need Jesus.

  • Pray they will know how much God loves them.
  • Pray they will understand they have sinned and need Jesus.
  • Pray you will have a chance to tell them how much Jesus loves them.

Splink: 3

Jesus was kind to the woman at the well. Even though she had done wrong things, He still treated her with kindness and respect. Treating others well is a great way to show people God’s love.

Think of a way to show love and kindness to each of the people on the list (who need Jesus) and write it out beside their name. Simple ways are good: smile, sit together at lunch, listen, buy that person their favorite candy bar, play a game together, send a card saying you are glad to be friends, etc.

DO one thing for each person this week.

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