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Send kids on a hunt throughout the house to find warning labels. (Supervise young children so they don’t touch anything poisonous.) There are warning labels on hair dryers, cleaning products, small appliances, many toys, etc.

After you read some of the labels, talk about it:

Why did the people who made this item put a warning label on it? (They don’t want people to get hurt; they want to keep people safe; etc.)

What happens if you ignore the warning label? (You could get hurt, etc.)

This week we learned about God’s warnings to King Hoshea and the people of Israel, but they ignored His warnings and did what they wanted.

What was the result? (They were invaded and captured by another country; they had to leave their homes and live like slaves in another country; they lost things they enjoyed; etc.)

Ignoring warnings will cause serious problems… especially God’s warnings.

Link Up

One of the biggest things that led Israel away from God was their
attachment to others things (idols) and bad influences.

Pair up kids and have them side by side and lock arms. Then give commands to each person (to one – go to the kitchen and bring a spoon and to the other one – go to the family room and bring me a book, etc.)

After their arguing and they finally complete the tasks, talk about it:

How did you decide what to do? (We did what he wanted because he’s bossy; we couldn’t decide at first; we followed the other; etc.)

Why was it hard to do what you were supposed to do when the other person was going a different way? (They pulled me along; they wanted to have their way; etc.)

Why is it hard for us to do what is right if we are linked to people who want to do wrong things? (They try to influence us to go with them; they want us to join them; etc.)

Read 1 Corinthians 15:33.

What does this verse mean? (Bad company – those who want to do wrong things- corrupts or ruins good morals or character; friends who want to do wrong things will lead you to do wrong things; etc.)

How were the people in Israel led away from God by the people around them? (They followed the people around them who worshipped others gods and soon they worshipped other gods also.)

One of the best ways to do what is right is to join up with people who also want to do what is right.

Real Love

Celebrate Valentine’s Day! Because of Jesus’ love, we no longer have to suffer the punishment for our sin. Instead of God’s judgment for sin, we can have a clean heart and a home in heaven. What a reason to

Depending on the ages of your kids, here are a few ideas they might enjoy:
– Serve them breakfast in bed.
– Follow the cut-out hearts (or candy hearts) to find a small gift.
– Eat red or pink food for dinner.
– Stay up late on Friday night and play games and camp out in the living room together.
– Write a note telling why you love them!

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