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That’s Not Fair!

Write different activities on slips of paper, one for each child. Write things they would enjoy doing (stay up late, have an extra dessert, skip your chore, pick a game to play, etc) on each slip, except on one slip write something that they would not enjoy (do a chore, go to bed 30 minutes early, etc.). At dinner, invite them to pick a slip. You will hear one kid complaining, “It’s not fair!”

Why do we want things to be fair? (It is built into us; we want things to be as they should be; etc.)

Read Deuteronomy 32:4 (What does this say about God?)

God is just and wants things to be right. We are made in His image and also want things to be fair or just. It is right for us to treat others fairly. It is right for people to be punished when they do wrong. Unfortunately, life is not always fair.

What are some unfair situations? (People treating others in a wrong way – bullying, stealing, cheating, etc and receiving no punishment; people receiving worse treatment than others for no reason; etc.)

Ask everyone to think of a good thing to do for the one who picked the ‘not fun’ slip and then do it.

Even though life is not always fair, WE can choose to do what’s right and treat others in a good way.

Read Together

You’ve probably heard these three words more than once: ”It’s Not Fair!!!”

To help young children understand what fairness means you might want to read the online book, It’s Not Fair, by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld.

Life is not always fair, but we can choose to treat others in a right way. When we fail at that, we can say, “I’m sorry” and then make amends. (For example: If you knock down their tower of blocks, you can offer to help them rebuild it.)


This week you have the chance to teach your kids one of the best ways to deal with suffering that they will ever learn! When they share real hurts, you can assure them of this valuable truth: God sees and God cares! The truth is that life is not fair (an important lesson in itself); we live in a sinful world where people do wrong things and hurt others. But God sees and He cares. He will make things right NOW or LATER!

How did King Ahab and Queen Jezebel treat Naboth? (They told lies about him; they had him killed; they stole his vineyard.)

Perhaps Ahab and Jezebel thought they got away with this sin as they enjoyed their new garden. Even though they were not punished right away, God saw what they did and punished them both. Ahab died in the same garden he stole. Jezebel died a horrible death. Sin will eventually be punished – NOW or LATER!

Optional idea: Share a piece of NOW and LATER candy after consoling a hurting child as a way to remember that God cares about our hurts and
will make things right.

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