Weighed Down

Items Needed: backpack filled with books or weights or heavy objects

Run a race weighted down with heavy items to show that even though we have the ability to do certain things, it may not be a smart choice. Mark a starting point and an ending point. Load up each child with heavy weights and shout, “GO!”

Don’t forget to time them.

What made it harder to run the race? (carrying the extra weight)

Even though carrying heavy weights is permitted in a race, it doesn’t mean that it is a good idea. We are free to do certain things as Christ followers, but that doesn’t mean that it is wise to do them. Paul reminds us that we can better follow Christ when we are willing to give up certain things.

(If you like, run the race a second time WITHOUT the weights.)

Running Red Lights

As you are driving, ask your kids:

Am I free to do whatever I want when I drive? (NO! You are free to do what is right, to obey the laws.)

What might happen if I broke the laws – drove on the other side of the road, ran a red light, went way too fast, etc.? (I might have an accident; I might hurt others; etc.)

Are we, as Christians, free to do whatever we want? (We are free to do what is right; We are not free to sin or hurt others; etc.)

God gives us His laws to protect us. Sin hurts us and hurts others, and it distracts us from obeying God and living for Him. Jesus is the Light, and we must obey Him in order to be a light to others.

Follow the Leader

Pair up family members (or friends who are visiting) and appoint one as the leader and the other as the follower. Ask them to stand facing one another. The follower must see how quickly he can do exactly what the leader does (make a face, raise an arm, lift a leg, make a noise, run in place, etc.). After a minute or so, swap roles.

Did you like being the leader or the follower?

What did the follower have to do so he could follow the leader? (He had to watch; He had to pay attention; He had to actually do it; etc.)

If we are to be like Jesus, how can we follow Him? (We must look at His example in the Bible; We must do what He did; etc.)

Jesus went around doing good. (Acts 10:38)

What are some good things Jesus did? (He was kind to young children. He listened. He helped. He forgave. He loved others even when they didn’t love Him.)

When we do good things for others, we are following His example.

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