Stand up a row of Dominos (just far enough apart so that they will all fall down when the first one is tapped). Tap the first Domino and see what happens.

Optional Idea: If you don’t have Dominos, you could build a tower with blocks. After building the tower, ask one of the kids to pull out one of the lower blocks. (The tower should come tumbling down.) Do it again.

After doing this several times, ask:

What happened when we tapped the first Domino? Or what happened when we pulled out the block? (the whole thing fell down)

One thing caused another. There are results when we do certain things.

What were the results of Adam and Eve’s sin? (they hid from God instead of wanting to see Him; they had to leave the Garden of Eden, they were punished by God, etc.)

What happens when we sin? (bad things happen – now or later)

Read Romans 6:23.

What are final results of sin? (death, separation from God)

Sin (breaking God’s rules) is a terrible thing and there will always be bad results when we sin.

What Happens Next?

Sometimes children don’t always see the bad results of sin. Some TV programs picture sin as being not that bad – the person telling a lie can get laughs or is seen as being creative. (It’s a good idea to point that out when you are watching TV together.)

Write the following scenarios on slips of paper (or just read them). Ask the kids to tell (or act out) what might happen next.

  • Evan stole a pack of cards
  • Jordan talked back to his mom
  • Sarah was so jealous of the new girl that she made up a lie about her and told it to a group of girls
  • Jose cheated on a test
  • Abby talks and write notes during church

There are always bad results when we sin. Even NOT getting caught is a bad result and is actually worse than getting caught. (If a child doesn’t get caught right away, he may continue in that sin which is far worse than being punished.)

 Even though Adam and Eve had to suffer many bad results from their sin, God still loved them. Even though we sin, God still loves us!

You Can’t Undo It!

Items Needed: tube of toothpaste
paper plate

Ask for a volunteer to come to the front and help you. Give him a new tube of toothpaste and tell him to squeeze it out. (Have a paper plate ready.) As he does it, talk about how you have always wanted to do that, and how neat it looks to see the toothpaste squirting out. After he has squeezed most of the toothpaste out, ask him to put the toothpaste back into the tube. Keep encouraging him to try. It is impossible to put the toothpaste back into the tube.

Just as it was hard for you to put the toothpaste back in the tube, it is hard for us to undo the bad results from our sin. That’s why we need Jesus. On the very day that Adam and Eve sinned, God promised that He would send a way for them to have their sins completely taken away. (Genesis 3:15) There will always be bad results for sin, but we can have our sins forgiven because of Jesus’ death on the cross.

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