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Light of the World

Items needed: Flashlight

Take a night hike—hopefully where there are no streetlights. (Keep the flashlight hidden until you have walked a bit.) Pull out the flashlight and light the way.

If possible, build an outdoor fire and make smores or roast hot dogs. (Any activity is much more fun if food is included.)

Another idea: Turn out all the lights in the house (close the curtains if you have bright streetlights) and give each child a task to do with no lights on. (Go to your bedroom and bring back a book; go to the kitchen and bring us the cookies; etc.) Then produce the flashlight and ask them to do the same task using the flashlight. (It may be enough for young children to just turn out the lights and sit in the dark.)

Talk about it:

How did you feel walking in darkness? (Afraid; unsure; etc.)

Why do you think the Bible compares walking in darkness to being in sin? (While in the dark, you can’t see where to go; while in sin, you don’t know the way to Heaven, you don’t know the way to live, etc.)

How did the flashlight help us? (It helped us see the way to walk; it showed us where to go, etc.)

With a bright light, we don’t need to stumble around to find the way.

Why would Jesus call Himself the “light of the world”? (He shows us the way to Heaven; He guides us in the right way to live; He chases away the “darkness” of sin; etc.)

Jesus came to the world to bring light—to show us the way to live and how to go to Heaven.

The Way

Items needed: Index cards or pieces of copy or construction paper; pens; tape; flashlight

Review the Bible verse students using D6 Curriculum are learning—John 8:12 (I am the light of the world…). Invite the kids to write each word of the Bible verse on an index card or piece of paper. Tape the cards up (or prop them up) in any order around the room. Turn out the light, turn on the flashlight, and find the next words in the verse to say together.

If we follow Jesus, we will know the way to live and the way to Heaven.

Celebrating Moms

Items needed: Post-it note pad; pens or pencils

Plan your Mother’s Day celebration for Sunday. (If you are a mom reading this, forward this to your kids or hubby. Being thankful is as good for kids as it is for moms.)

Brainstorm things that kids are thankful for about their mom. (What are you glad that Mom helps you do? What does Mom do for you in the kitchen? What does she do for you in the laundry room? Etc.)

Hand out the post-it notes and ask them to write one ‘thank you” on each note. (Thank you for washing my clothes. Thank you for making my dinner. Thank you for reading to me. Etc.) Keep these hidden until Sunday morning. While Mom is eating her breakfast in bed, turn the kids loose and have them stick the notes in the appropriate places. (Thank you for doing my laundry, on the washing machine.) Hopefully, she will find them all during the next week and feel appreciated!

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