Stronger Because

Do a simple science experiment to show how the Holy Spirit living inside can help you to be stronger. Gather two balloons, candle or matches, and water.

  • Inflate one of the balloons and tie it.
  • Put about ¼ cup of water in the other balloon, inflate and tie it.
  • Light the candle (or light a match) and hold it under the balloon WITHOUT the water (very closely—it’s okay if the flame even touches the balloon) .
  • Hold the balloon WITH water over the candle or match.

Why does one balloon pop but the other doesn’t? Why does the balloon with no water break in the flame? The flame heats whatever is placed in it, so it heats both balloons. The rubber of the balloon without water became so hot, that it was too weak to resist the pressure of the air inside the balloon and popped.

Why doesn’t the balloon with water in it pop when heated by the flame? The water absorbs most of the heat from the flame, so the rubber of the balloon does not become very hot. Since the rubber doesn’t become hot, it doesn’t weaken, and the balloon does not break.

How did filling the balloon with something (water) make it stronger?

How can you be stronger if you are filled with the Holy Spirit?

The Bible teaches that when a person becomes a Christian, God’s Holy Spirit comes to live inside. He will make you stronger and able to endure hard things.

Walk His Way

Elementary students are learning Galatians 5:25-26 this month. Read it together and ask: Since we have the Holy Spirit in us, what are we to do? (Walk in the Spirit and keep in step with Him.)

Invite two family members to lock arms, but face different directions. At your signal to go, tell them to walk to the wall. (Yes, there will be a struggle!) Then invite two family members to lock arms facing the same direction. At your signal to go, tell them to walk to the wall. (Ah, much better!)

Read John 16:13. What will the Holy Spirit do for us? God gives us His Holy Spirit to guide us in the right way. That means we must go His way and not our own selfish way. When we obey what He has told us in the Bible (He is the author of it), we will stay in step with Him.


How to explain the Trinity to your kids! Sometimes we feel we should explain everything, but there are some things about God that cannot be explained.

Ask your child, Do you think you could explain math problems to a dog or cat? Do you think he or she could understand?

The pet is not going to understand how to add or multiply numbers. He doesn’t think like we do. We do not think as God does. There will be some things we will never be able to understand or explain about God. The Bible tells us there is God the Father, God the Son (Jesus) and God the Holy Spirit. They are three in one, a Trinity. Even though we may not totally understand this, we accept it by faith. Nothing and no one compares to Him.

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