Splink 1:

Tug of War

Do a simple tug of war, using a beach towel or rope. Mark a point on the floor or ground with a piece of masking tape. Line up two family members (about the same size) on either end of the rope. Tell them to start pulling when you say go.

Here are a few twists:

  • Tug of war using only one hand (to prevent the other hand from gripping, raise it in the air)
  • Tug of war with feet only holding onto rope (with or without shoes?)
  • Tug of war with each player standing on one foot
  • Tug of war with each player on their knees 

Do you ever feel like there is a kind of tug of war going inside of you? One side tugs at you to obey God and the other side tugs at you to disobey God and sin.

What are some struggles we might have?

  • Should I obey my parents or do what I want?
  • Should I read the Bible or skip it?
  • Should I be kind to my sibling or be mean?
  • Should I share with others or be selfish?

How can we win against sin? There will always be a struggle with sin (until we finally get to Heaven), but we must remember victory comes only with saying YES to God and asking for the Holy Spirit’s help to say NO to sin!

Splink 2:

SOS Prayers

As you put your child to bed, ask, “What are you struggling with? Are you having a hard time ________? (If you share your struggle, your child will be more open to sharing. Home is a place to be open with our struggles and receive support and guidance.)

Listen without judging and offer a prayer for your child. Teach him or her to pray SOS prayers. (SOS is an international signal for help.) When they are tempted to sin or struggle to do the right things, remind them to send out an SOS, a quick prayer asking for God’s help. He gave the Holy Spirit to live inside us to help us.

Splink 3:

Hooray for Dads!

Plan your Father’s Day celebration. (Sometimes the “secrecy” and anticipation of giving a gift is greater than the actual gift.)

Make a simple video and email it to Dad. Give kids a sentence starter and record their answers.

  • I love my dad because ______.
  • I like it when my dad and I ________.
  • My dad is really good at _________.

Think of Dad’s favorite things (snacks, soda, magazine, game, book, restaurant gift card, etc.) and buy several small items to give him. Before bed on Saturday night, hide the items and send Dad on a hunt for them on Father’s Day, with the kids giving him hot/cold clues.

Consider giving a gift to a special grandfather, uncle, or another father figure if there is no dad in the home.

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