Join the Parade

What do you think it would have been like to see Jesus ride into Jerusalem on a donkey with people shouting praises to Him?

Plan your own parade to celebrate the coming of Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday (Sunday, April 5th). Throw some stuffed animals in a wagon and march in the backyard. Decorate bikes and ride through the neighborhood or park. Make some simple instruments and play them in praise while marching through the house! There are tons of ideas on the Internet: Coffee cans could become drums; Rice in a water bottle could become maracas; A paper towel roll can become a horn; Two matching pot lids can become cymbals; etc.

*Older children can find ideas on the Internet. Play some praise music as you march!


Plan a special dinner to remember Jesus’ death on Good Friday. Light some candles and talk about Jesus’ crucifixion. (Read parts of Mark 15:1-38.) Blow out the candles when you speak of Jesus’ death to symbolize the hours of darkness. Re-light the candles and thank Jesus for being the light to show us the way to Heaven.

Why do you think we call the day Jesus died, Good Friday? (Even though it was a sad day for Jesus’ followers, it was the day Jesus paid the price for our sin, which is a good thing for us; Without Good Friday, there could be no celebration that He rose from the dead; Without Jesus’ death, there could be no forgiveness of sin; etc.)

We want to remember Jesus’ death because without it, we could never have our sins forgiven or go to Heaven.

The Rest of the Story

Rip out pages from an old magazine and then cut each one in half vertically. Keep the right half of each page hidden, but give each person a left side of the pages. Ask each one to share what they think might be happening on the right side of the page. Pass out the right side of the page to let them see if they were correct.

It might have been hard to know what was happening when you only had half the page.

What do you think Jesus’ disciples thought when they saw Jesus crucified? It was over; He was not really God the Son; etc.)

The people who loved Jesus and saw Him give up His life on the cross must have been very sad, but everything changed three days later when the disciples heard and saw the rest of the story.

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