I Can Only Imagine

After dinner one night, ask your children to imagine what their perfect day would be like. To get the discussion started, you could ask questions such as: What would you do? Where would you go? What would the weather be like? What would you eat? How late would you stay up?

Jesus is the Returning King. He said He would return and take us to live with Him forever. Jesus said He is preparing a place for each of us (John 14:2). Someday those who believe in Him will live in Heaven, a wonderful place filled with adventure and beauty. Heaven will be better than anything we could ever imagine. (You can read more about Heaven in Revelation 21 and 22.)

Ask the children to draw a picture of what they would like their home in Heaven to look like.


Go on a surprise adventure with your children. Build anticipation early in the week by telling them you are planning a surprise for them. Don’t tell them when or where. When it’s time, pile everyone in the car. The surprise can be as simple as going to a park, playing on the swings, and eating your lunch on a blanket. Have a fun time together!

Jesus promised that He would return. We don’t know when, but we want to be watching and ready when He comes!

Good News/Bad News

Play Good News/Bad News while you are in the car or waiting somewhere. One person will start a story by giving some good news (can be fictional—what they think would be good news). The person on their right will add some bad news. The next person will change it up with some good news and the story will continue going back and forth between good and bad news.

Then let the children transfer the concept to the resurrection story.

Good news: Jesus came to the earth.

Bad news: He was beaten and hung on a cross.

Good news: This was all part of God’s plan.

Bad news: The disciples were sad when they put Jesus in the tomb.

Good news: Jesus came alive on the third day.

Bad news: Mary Magdalene thought someone had stolen His body.

Good news: Jesus appeared to her.


What is the good news about Jesus’ resurrection? (Jesus died and came alive to take our punishment for sin; Jesus won over death, so we can go to Heaven when we die; etc.)

What is the bad news? (Not everyone knows about Jesus; not everyone knows Him as their Savior)

We can share this GOOD NEWS with the people we know as we wait for His promised return.

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