Continue the Celebration

Items needed: Plastic eggs; small slips of paper

Continue the celebration by hiding/finding Easter eggs. (Can kids ever get enough of that?) On each slip of paper, write one letter from the phrase, Jesus is alive! Put a slip of paper inside each egg. Hide these along with some extra empty eggs. Invite the kids to find a secret message hidden in the eggs.

Why is this message such good news? (Jesus won over sin and death; He proved He was who He said He was; He is powerful enough to give us eternal life; etc.)

Jesus is alive and that is the BEST news we could ever hear!

Why is the Resurrection Important?

Items needed: One balloon for each set of two children; Bible

Review the Bible verse students using D6 Curriculum are learning—Hebrews 12:2. Pair up children and give each pair a balloon. Instruct them to say a word of the verse (or a word from a key phrase of the verse) each time they bat the balloon back and forth.

What does our verse tell us? (Dying on the cross brought Jesus joy; Jesus is in Heaven next His Father)

Why was Jesus willing to die on the cross? (Jesus loves us so much; Jesus wants us to live in Heaven with Him one day)

Because Jesus came alive again and defeated death, we can live again after we die. Knowing we will live with Jesus forever means we don’t have to fear death.

Optional idea: Make a banner of the verse or a portion of the verse. Write words of the verse on paper, decorate them, tape them to yarn, and hang up the banner.

Half the story?

Give your children half the pieces in a puzzle and ask them to put it together. Don’t tell them you are only giving them half of the pieces. Keep them hidden until later.

When they realize they can’t complete the puzzle, give them the missing pieces they need.

Talk about it:

Why was it so hard to put the puzzle together with only half the pieces? (There weren’t enough pieces; Too many were missing; etc.)

What might you have thought if you only had half the story of the resurrection (the Friday part, but not the Sunday part)? (Sadness because Jesus was gone; Jesus wasn’t who He said He was; It looked like the end; etc.)

We have the benefit of seeing the WHOLE picture! On Friday, it looked sad that Jesus died. On Sunday, the disciples and others saw the WHOLE picture that Jesus was God and had power over death!

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