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Lean On Me

Ask each family member to find a partner and sit on the floor with their backs to one another (partners of similar height is good, if possible). Instruct each pair to link arms and stand up without unlinking their arms. (They will have to lean on one another to be able to do this.)

Talk about it:
How did you help each other so you could both stand up? (we had to lean against one another; we had to push against the other; etc.)

How can we support one another? (help each other, be a friend, listen, pray for, say kind words, etc.)

We can support each other with love!

Love Is All You Need

Act out the characteristics of love.

Write characteristics of love from 1 Corinthians 13 on slips of paper (kind, patient, unselfish, humble, pleasant – not quarrelsome, forgiving, enduring, happy for others, etc.).

Then write some of the following situations on slips of paper.

  • Your sibling/friend can’t keep up.
  • You just won a game.
  • Your friend hurt your feelings.
  • You are on a long car ride.
  • You are assigned a chore.
  • Your best friend got the toy you wanted.
  • Your received a bag of candy as a prize.
  • You get to the remote control first.

Put each set in a separate bag or basket. Take turns drawing one from each bag – a characteristic and a situation. (If you don’t want to write them out, just whisper a characteristic and a situation to each one at their turn.) Act out each situation displaying that characteristic for the others to guess.

You’ve Got a Friend

Declare a ‘Love Your Family Day’. Each family member should write their name on a slip of paper and throw them in a bag. Ask each one to draw a name, but not let anyone see it. The name they drew is the person they must secretly show love to the WHOLE day. (Coach the younger ones if they need ideas.) At the end of the day, see if kids can guess their ‘secret admirer’. Enjoy a treat together to celebrate a good day of loving!

Optional idea: You could declare a ‘Love Your Neighbor’ Day instead and think of ways to show love to others outside your family.

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