I Promise

Make a covenant, an agreement with your kids. On a piece of paper, write a simple statement and both of you agree. I will ______________ if you ________________.

What is a covenant? (an agreement, a promise)

Do people always keep their promises?

People may not always keep their promises, but we can be sure that God will keep His word. God promised Adam and Eve that He would send Someone to take away man’s sin. That Someone was Jesus. God made a covenant and He kept it. Jesus’ death on the cross made the way for us to have our sins taken away.

Old or New?

Ask the family at dinner:
Which is better – something old or something new? Why?

Some old things are valuable (ie: stuffed bear, blanket, favorite book or toy, t-shirt, etc.) because they have special meaning. But some old things are not as good as new ones.

What are some examples? (ie: new toy to replace a broken one; new clothes to replace those outgrown; new car to replace one that won’t run; etc.).

In the Old Testament, our holy God made a way for sinful people to come near to Him. He instructed His people to bring an animal sacrifice to the priest who would offer it for the sins of the people. The  priests offered sacrifices year after year.

But a new and better system was started when Jesus died. We can be close to God because of what Jesus did, not because of something we do. We no longer bring sacrifices to a priest. We are made right with God because of what Jesus did.

Better or Best

Items Needed: miniature candy bar and regular sized bars (you could use any kind of food or other treats, making sure that one is clearly better than the other)

To help kids understand the New Covenant is something better, share a simple object lesson. Show kids both the miniature and the regular candy bar and ask them which one they would like.

Which one do you think is better? Both are good, but one is better. God’s New Covenant was clearly better.

Read Hebrews 7:22-25.

Why was the New Covenant better? (Instead of the people bringing sacrifices to the priest over and over, Jesus gave His blood (as the perfect lamb who never sinned) so there needs to be no more sacrifices.

God wants man to be close to Him so He sent Jesus to be the perfect sacrifice for sin.


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