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Having Superpowers

Over dinner, ask the kids:

If you could have any superpower, what power would you like to have?

Why would you like to have that power?

How would you use your power to help others?

Superheroes and super powers are just pretend – make-believe stories. But God is real and has unlimited power. He can do miracles.

What is a miracle? (A miracle is a work of God that defies the normal laws of nature; it is something extraordinary that could not have happened without God’s help; etc.)

What miracles did God do for Elisha? (He split the Jordan River so Elisha could walk across it; He made the poisonous water clean; He supplied oil for the widow and her two sons; He made an ax head float.)

What are some miracles God does for us? (He answers our prayers; He forgives our sin; He provides what we need; He gives us eternal life; etc.)

Nothing compares to the power of God!

Strong Man Contest

Hold a contest to see who’s the strongest! (The following are some actual strong man contests that are held – adapt these for a fun time with your family.

  • Log Throw (a five meter log is thrown for distance) – see how far you can throw Lincoln logs or Tinker toys
  • Truck or Airplane Pull (Vehicles such as transport trucks, boxcars, buses or planes are pulled across a 100 ft course by hand as fast as possible.) – pull a wagon across the yard as quickly as possible
  • Carry and Drag (an anchor and a chain are carried to the end of a set distance, where they must be attached to each other and then dragged back the same distance) – carry a dog leash and a giant stuffed animal a set distance, hook the two together and drag them back
  • Tug of War – one on one tug of war in a single-elimination tournament – pair up kids and use a rope (or a towel if a rope isn’t available) to see who’s the strongest

The strongest man in the world is not as strong as God! There are things that only God can do and we need to rely on Him to help us.

Snow Cream

Make snow cream and talk about God’s great power to make snow! Below is a recipe for snow cream.

– 1 cup milk (any kind)
– 1/3 cup granulated sugar
– 1 tsp. vanilla extract
– 1 pinch salt
– 8 cups clean snow or shaved ice (more or less depending on the density of the snow)
– Optional (but strongly suggested) topping: sprinkles!!!

First, gather all of your non-snow ingredients and whisk them together in a large mixing bowl until combined. Then pop the bowl in the freezer while you run outside to get your snow. Immediately stir the snow into the milk mixture, and keep adding until an ice-cream-ish consistency is achieved. It should be fluffy and scoop-able, but not runny. (Add more snow if needed.)

From: www.gimmesomeoven.com/how-to-make-snow-ice-cream-recipe/

Did you know that:
– A snowflake has six sides
– The most snow recorded in one day was 76 inches
– Snow is not white
– The world’s largest snowflake was reported to be 15 inches across and 8 inches deep???

Read Job 37:6. Only God can make snow! (Look up more facts about snow on the internet to realize just how great God is!)

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