Splink 1:

Rules are Good

Play a familiar game and announce that there are no rules. Each person can do what they want on their turn. (You could also play an outside game such a kickball or baseball.) After a few minutes of confusing play (and before the fights start), sit down and talk about why it’s good to have rules.

Why is it good to have rules? (It helps us know what to do; we don’t argue as much; it makes things go smoother; it helps us get along with others; etc.)

God gives us rules/commands in the Bible. Why does He give us rules? (He made us and knows the best way to live; He wants to protect us from bad consequences when we don’t follow the rules; He cares about us; etc.)

Read 1 Thessalonians 5:15-22. Why are these rules good for us?

Why is it good to pray, to rejoice, to obey the Holy Spirit, to give thanks, etc.?

Splink 2:

Following Good Examples

Instruct your child to learn a skill that you know, but they might not yet know.

Some ideasHow to:

Stand on your head

Eat an Oreo the correct way

Sew on a button

Dribble a basketball

Catch a fish

Play a new game (one you learned as a kid)

Why is it good for someone to instruct/teach you? (He knows the best way to do it; he can show you when you don’t know what to do; he has done it before and is more experienced; etc.)

Why do we need instructions on how to live the right way? (We are just learning the right things to do; we want our own selfish way; we need help; etc.)

How can we know how to live a godly life? (Read the Bible; follow Jesus’ example; etc.)

Jesus left us a good example to follow. Read Acts 10:38. What did Jesus do? (Went around doing good)

What are some things Jesus did that are an example to us? (He loved others; He was kind to kids; He obeyed His parents; He prayed; He went to the synagogue/place of worship; He helped others; etc.)

Splink 3:

Following Rules is Yummy!

Make ice cream in a bag to show how good things can happen when we follow instructions.

INGREDIENTS: (to make homemade ice cream in a bag)

1 tablespoon sugar

1/2 cup milk or half & half

1/4 teaspoon vanilla

6 tablespoons rock salt (coarse salt works best, but table salt will also work)

1 pint-size plastic HYPERLINK “http://crafts.kaboose.com/ice-cream-in-a-bag.html”food storage bag (e.g., Ziploc)

1 gallon-size plastic HYPERLINK “http://crafts.kaboose.com/ice-cream-in-a-bag.html”food storage bag

ice cubes


Fill the large bag half full of ice, and add the rock salt. Seal the bag.

Put milk, vanilla, and sugar into the small bag, and tightly seal it.

Place the small bag inside the large one, and seal it again carefully.

Shake until the mixture is ice cream, which takes about 5 minutes.

Wipe off the top of the small bag, then open it carefully. Enjoy!

You could follow the instructions/recipe for any dish and talk about the good things that result when you do.

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