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By December 7, 2014 Splink

We all Need a Little Help!

Items Needed:
– Blindfold
– Things that can be used as obstacles (pillows, large stuffed animals, chairs, etc.)

Walk an obstacle course without running into anything and with no assistance. Choose one person to be ‘it’. Blindfold her and send her out of the room. Quickly set up a simple obstacle course. Bring the blindfolded one back into the room and instruct her to walk to the other side of the room. (No one should offer any help.) When finished, take off the blindfold and enlist another volunteer. Blindfold and send the new volunteer out of the room. Rearrange the ‘obstacles’ for the new person. When everyone has had a turn, talk about it.

What was hard about this?

How would it have been different if you had others to guide you? (It would have been easier; they would have kept me from going a wrong way; etc.)

***Let them walk through the obstacle course with a guide if you like.

Students began learning about the kings of Israel and the paths they chose (which led not only themselves, but many others in a wrong way).

King Rehoboam would not listen to wise men who tried to guide him in the right way. Instead, he made a wrong decision and the kingdom was divided.

How can pride keep us from listening to wise people? (We think we know best; we want our own way; we don’t care about other’s opinions, etc.)

Read Proverbs 16:18.

Pride leads us in a wrong way. Humble people are willing to listen to wise people.

Open Ears, Close Mouth

Teach your kids to listen to one another when they have a disagreement. When they come to you to settle their disagreements, ask them to sit facing one another. Set the timer for two minutes and let one person share his side of the story, while the other listens without interrupting. Then let the other one speak (without interruption) for two minutes. Sometimes the very act of listening (instead of shouting and trying to get others to see our point of view) can help settle disagreements. (If they are still angry and have more to say, set the timer again and let each one continue until they are finished.)

***Another way to help them learn humility is to practice an apology – “I was wrong. Will you forgive me?” (Not “I’m sorry, but you _________.”)

Pride is unwilling to listen to another’s point of view. Humility listens and cares about others.

You Go First

One of the best ways to squash pride is to think of others. Declare a “You Go First” Day. Instruct every family member to deliberately choose to let the other person go first, pick the TV show, decide which game to play, pick a snack, etc. It’s not wrong to go first, but it is good practice to think of others more than we think of ourselves.

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