They Started It!

Remind your family of the story of Adam and Eve from Genesis 3:1-6, 22-23. Adam and Eve chose their own way instead of God’s way. God wanted to be close to them, but their sins separated them from God. Even though they sinned, God still loved them and promised to send His Son to pay the price for their sin. Reconciliation means returning to a right relationship with God.

What did Jesus do to provide reconciliation for us?

What can we learn from his example of forgiveness and reconciliation?

Challenge family members to consider ways they can show gratitude to the Lord for what Jesus provided when He did on the cross.  Also, encourage them to consider ways they can offer forgiveness and reconciliation with others as an example of Jesus’ forgiveness for us.

Relationships Restored

Have fun washing the bikes and outside toys together.  Restore or repair items as needed.

How did we restore the look of the bikes? (Washed off the dirt; shined them up; etc.)

What does it mean to restore something? (To bring it back to its original condition)

Can you give an example of something that might be restored? (An old car can be restored to its former condition; a piece of furniture can be fixed and made to look good again; a toy that is broken but is now fixed; etc.)

Restoring something means bringing it back to its original condition. We restored these by cleaning them up, fixing the loose parts, etc.

Sometimes even relationships between people are broken and need to be restored.

Why do we need to be restored to a friendship with God?

Sin broke the relationship between God and man. When Adam and Eve chose their own way over God’s way, sin began on the earth. Ever since, every person is born with a desire to sin. We want our own way instead of God’s way. Our sin separates us from God. But Jesus came to the earth and died on the cross so we could have our sins forgiven. By believing in what Jesus did, our relationship with God can be restored.

Example of Forgiveness

Act out the story of the prodigal son.

Choose parts (father, son, friends, pigs, servant—find a part for each family member) for the characters in the story.

Read the story aloud from Luke 15:11-24 and instruct the actors to do what is happening in the story.

When the prodigal son realized he had sinned and repented, the father welcomed him back home. The father in this story represents our loving heavenly Father who welcomes us home when we turn away from our sin.

Pray together and ask the Lord to help your family live out the example of forgiveness and reconciliation learned from Jesus.

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