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What’s On the Other Side?

Items Needed: various items that will fit inside a bag (sock, key, small stuffed animal, nail clippers, glue stick, half-eaten candy bar, the more unusual the better)

Kids will hold the bag (but not put their hand inside it or look inside it) one at a time to try to guess the item. (You can put the item in the bag just before each kid has a turn or have several bags ready with an item already in each one.) After a short time, remove the item to reveal its identity.

Why was it hard to guess the item? (I couldn’t see it, it felt like something else, etc.)

Not seeing inside the bag made it harder to guess it. Not seeing or knowing exactly what will happen when we die can make us feel unsure or afraid. Because Jesus died and came to life again, we don’t have to be afraid of death because He was a winner over death.

I Hope…

Ask kids to complete the sentence: I hope ______________________.

What is hope? (A confident expectation)

What are the chances that our hopes will come true? (It depends on the person we are hoping will fulfill it; it depends on what we are hoping for; etc.)

The ‘hope that I get a new game for my birthday’ depends on the people who know you and might give you a new game.

What does it mean to put our ‘hope in God’? (To believe that He will do what He says He will; to believe He will do what is best; etc.)

We must put our hope in God’s words. If He has promised it, we can be sure He will do it.

Read one of His promises in John 14:1-3. (Jesus promised to make a place for those who believe in Him and bring them to that place, His Father’s house, someday.)

If we place our hope in God’s words, we can have peace and joy because we know what will happen when we die. We will go to live with God in heaven.

New Life

Items Needed: soil, seeds, and a pot

Plant seeds in the soil to introduce the idea of death and resurrection.

Plant seeds and wait for them to grow. (A quick and reliable crop to give kids fast results is lettuce. The seeds will germinate in 7-10 days; growing season is 40-50 days or the leaf varieties will mature sooner, about 30-35 days. Mist the soil during the first two weeks to provide seeds with enough water to germinate without becoming waterlogged.)

Read 1 Corinthians 15:36-38; 42-44.

To what does the Bible compare death? (Planting seeds in the ground)

Just as a seed is planted into the ground, our bodies are put into the ground when we die. They will not stay there, but will someday be resurrected. These bodies are only temporary and will someday wear out, but our new bodies will last forever.

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