Continue the Easter celebration and CELEBRATE Jesus’ resurrection!

Make some simple instruments and praise! There are tons of ideas on the web: coffee cans could become drums; rice in a water bottle could become maracas; a paper towel roll can become a horn; glasses of water can become a xylophone; two matching pot lids can become cymbals; etc.

***Older kids can look up ideas on the internet.

Crank up some lively praise music and play along!

Jesus is alive! What a great reason to celebrate!

Half the story?

Give your kids half the pieces in a puzzle and ask them to put it together. (Don’t tell them you are only giving them half of the pieces; keep them hidden until later.)

When they complain that they can’t do it, give them the missing pieces to complete the puzzle.

Talk about it:

Why was it so hard to put the puzzle together with only half the pieces? (there weren’t enough pieces; too many were missing; etc.)

What might you have thought if you only had half the story of the resurrection (the Friday part, but not the Sunday part)? (sadness because Jesus was gone; Jesus wasn’t who He said He was; it looked like the end; etc.)

We have the benefit of seeing the WHOLE picture! On Friday, it looked sad that Jesus died. On Sunday, the disciples and others saw the WHOLE picture that Jesus was God and had power over death!

***Adapt if you don’t have a puzzle – clip out a picture from a magazine and cut into puzzle pieces.

Says Who?

Promise the kids a treat and deliver on it. (It doesn’t have to be food or ice cream. Promise that you will play a game after dinner or that they can stay up 30 minutes later.)

After you’ve kept your promise, talk about it:

What is a promise? (a guarantee to do what a person says he/she will do)

The most important thing to know about a promise is WHO is making the promise. If the person who makes the promise can be trusted, then you can count on him/her to keep their word.

Before Jesus died, He told His disciples that He was going to come alive again after three days. Did He keep His word? YES! Jesus is completely trustworthy and will do what He says He will. We can trust with everything because He keeps His promises!

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