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Continue the Celebration

Items needed: Plastic eggs; small slips of paper

Continue the celebration by hiding/finding Easter eggs. (Can kids ever get enough of that?) On each slip of paper, write one letter from the phrase, Jesus is alive! Put a slip of paper inside an egg. Hide these along with some extra empty eggs. Invite the kids to find a secret message hidden in the eggs.

Enjoy some fun food—whatever that is for your family!

The Resurrection

Act out a scene for the family (could be as simple as someone dropping a piece of paper and someone else picking it up). Ask each one to tell you what they saw.

What is an eyewitness? (One who has tells what he/she has seen)

You were eyewitnesses to what happened just now. The Bible records the words of several eyewitnesses to Jesus’ resurrection. (Luke 1:1-4)

Real people saw Jesus alive after He had been dead and wrote about it so we can know that the story is true and so we can believe it.

The resurrection of Jesus is a historical event. Even though we were not alive when George Washington was the first president of the United States, we believe he was because of eyewitness accounts from people who lived then. We believe the eyewitness accounts that Jesus came alive again after He was dead. Over 500 people saw Jesus alive after His death. (1 Corinthians 15:6)

Why is the Resurrection Important?

Items needed: One balloon for each set of two kids; Bible

Review this Bible verse students using D6 Curriculum are learning—John 11:25. Pair up kids and give each pair a balloon. Instruct them to say a word of the verse each time they bat the balloon back and forth.

What did Jesus say? (I am the resurrection and the life)

What will happen to those who believe in Him? (They will live again after they die; they will go to heaven; etc.)

Because Jesus came alive again and defeated death, we can live again after we die. Knowing we will live with Jesus forever means we don’t have to fear death.

An optional idea is to make a banner of the verse (write words of the verse on paper, decorate them, tape them to yarn, and hang up the banner).

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