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Lost and Found

Hide a few dollar bills (or quarters) in your kids’ rooms without telling them. Assign a certain amount of time (30 minutes?) and tell them to clean their rooms as quickly as possible. You may even want to tell them that there is something hidden for them. At the end of the time, see if the kids found any of the money. (Let them keep whatever they found.)

What did you find?

What did King Josiah and the high priest find in the temple? (The book of the Law; God’s Word, etc.)

Read Psalm 119:72.

What does this say the law is better than? (Thousands of pieces of gold and silver.)

How could God’s word be better than money? (It shows us the way to heaven; it tells us how to have our sins forgiven; it tells us how to have a friendship with God; etc.)

Good things began to happen when God’s people found and read His Word!

Remember and Celebrate

Items needed: five household items (for example: tomato, loaf of bread, shoe, toy truck, toilet paper – any five items will work)

Teach kids a way to remember different items. Place the five items in front of them. Invite kids to make up a nonsensical story about the items. (For example: You were going to school in your toy truck when a giant tomato wrapped in toilet paper jumped in front of you. “Stop!” yelled the tomato. When you climbed out of the toy truck, the tomato grabbed your shoe and stuffed a loaf of bread in it and ran away.)

Take away the five items and see if they can name all five! (The story will hopefully help them to remember the items better.)

What are some important things we need to remember?

We forget many things that we really need to remember. King Josiah and the people forgot God’s Word. They did not obey His rules and did not celebrate the Passover (an important way to remember God’s deliverance from slavery). Remembering to celebrate God’s care for us will draw us close to Him and bring revival.

Celebrate God’s care for your family by sharing cookies and milk (or another yummy snack) and talk about ways that God has cared for you.

Don’t Forget!

Review the Bible verses kids are learning: Psalm 139:23-24.

Items Needed:
– Post-it notes (or slips of paper)
– Marker

Write the words from the Bible verse on post-it notes. (You may have to review only a part of the verse if you have young children.) While your kids aren’t looking, hide the post-it notes all around the room(s). (Always adapt these ideas to fit your family.) At the signal to go, the kids must find all the post-it notes, put them in the correct order and then say the verse together.

For extra practice, invite someone to take away some of the post-it notes and then see if they can still remember the verse.

This verse gives us one way to have revival – to ask God to search us and show us any sin we have. We must repent of (turn away from) our sin in order to have God’s blessings.

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