Splink 1:

Hidden Message

Don’t let the celebration end with Easter Sunday! Continue celebrating the best news that we could ever hear: JESUS IS ALIVE!

Write each letter of the phrase, Jesus is alive, on a small slip of paper. Put one letter in each of the plastic eggs. (Kids can work together to find the eggs or you can make one set for each child. If you make a separate set for each child, hide each one’s eggs in a different room to make things less confusing.)

After the eggs are hidden (while the kids aren’t looking), invite them to find and de-code the message hidden in the eggs.

Why is this message such good news? (Jesus won over sin and death; He proved He was who He said He was; He is powerful enough to give us eternal life; etc.)

Jesus is alive and that is the BEST news we could ever hear!

Splink 2:

Good News/Bad News

Play Good News/Bad News as you are in the car or waiting somewhere. One person will start a story by giving some good news (can be fictional—what they think would be good news). The person on their right will add some bad news. The next person will change it up with some good news and the story will continue going back and forth between good and bad news.

Then let kids transfer the concept to the resurrection story.

Good news: Jesus came to the earth.

Bad news:   He was beaten and hung on a cross.

Good news: This was all part of God’s plan.

Bad news:   The disciples were sad when they put Jesus in the tomb.

Good news: Jesus came alive on the third day.

Bad news:   Mary Magdalene thought someone had stolen His body.

Good news: Jesus appeared to her.

What is the good news about Jesus’ resurrection? (Jesus died and came alive to take our punishment for sin; Jesus won over death, so we can go to Heaven when we die; etc)

What is the bad news? (Not everyone knows about Jesus; not everyone has Him in their heart)

We can share this GOOD NEWS with the people we know.

Splink 3:

Says Who?

Promise the kids a treat and deliver on it. (It doesn’t have to be food or ice cream. Promise that you will play a game after dinner or that they can stay up 30 minutes later.)

After you’ve kept your promise, talk about it:

What is a promise? (A guarantee to do what a person says he/she will do)

The most important thing to know about a promise is WHO is making the promise. If the person who makes the promise can be trusted, then you can count on him/her to keep their word.

Before Jesus died, He told His disciples He was going to come alive again after three days. Did He keep His word? YES! Jesus proved He was God’s Son when He came alive again. Jesus is completely trustworthy. We can trust Him!

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