Splink 1:

Get the Rules Out

Grab a couple of small balls and two spoons. Announce to the family that you are going to play a game. Then say, “Start.” (When they don’t do anything, ask, “What’s wrong?”) Tell them it’s time to play the game, so start!

If they do come up with a plan and start playing a game, change the rules. (You have to hold the ball between your legs and put the spoon on your head; you have to run around the couch; etc.)

Why was it difficult to play this game? (We didn’t know what to do; there were no rules; etc.)

Why are rules good? (They help us know what to do; they help us get along; they can protect us; etc.)

God gave Moses and His people the Ten Commandments (ten rules) so they would know the best way to live.

Splink 2:


At the STOP sign, ask:

Why is a STOP sign a good thing? Why should we obey the sign?
(We could get in a crash if we don’t obey it; it helps keep us safe; it makes the traffic go more smoothly; etc.)

God’s rules (commandments) actually protect us from getting hurt and can make our lives go much better.

Pick one of the commandments and talk about how it protects us and makes our lives better. For example: the eighth commandment—Do not steal.

How can keeping this rule protect us? (It protects us from getting in trouble; it can protect us from going to jail; it protects us from a guilty conscience; etc.)

How can keeping God’s rules make our lives better? (We will get along with others; we will have a good reputation; others will trust us; etc.)

Splink 3:

How would you feel if…?

Share a simple object lesson with your kids.

Write each of the following instructions on a piece of paper:

  1. Ask Mom or Dad a question.
  2. Tell Mom or Dad about your day.
  3. Go sit by Mom or Dad.
  4. Tell Mom or Dad about your favorite activity.

Allow each child to pick one and take turns completing the assignment.

  1. When your child asks you a question, ignore them.
  2. When they start talking, place your fingers in your ears as if to close them out.
  3. When they sit beside you, move away.
  4. When they tell you about their favorite activity, tell them that you don’t believe it.

Then ask:

  1. How did you feel when I wouldn’t pay attention to you?
  2. How did you feel when I wouldn’t listen to you?
  3. How did you feel when I didn’t want to be near you?
  4. How did you feel when I didn’t believe you?

It hurts to have those we love ignore or not listen to us. God was hurt by the way the Israelites ignored Him and would not listen to His commands. Instead of loving God, they made and worshipped idols, statues that they claimed had helped them.

Have a group hug and reassure all of your love and say a prayer telling of your love to God.

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