Splink 1:

The Rest of the Story

Talk about the rest of the story. Rip out pages from an old magazine and then rip (or cut) each one in half vertically. Keep the right half of each page hidden, but give each person the left side of the page. Ask each one to tell what they think might be happening on the right side of the page. Pass out the right side of the page to let them see if they were correct.

It might have been hard to know what was happening when you only had half the page.

What do you think Jesus’ disciples (and others) might have thought when they saw Jesus crucified? (that it was over; that He was not really God the Son; etc.)

The people who loved Jesus and saw Him give up His life on the cross must have been very sad, but something changed all that three days later.

Splink 2:

Light of the World

Dim the lights and talk about the importance of Jesus’ death.

Sit in the darkness and talk about sin. The Bible compares being in sin to being in darkness.

Why is sin like darkness? (we can’t see the right way to go; we don’t know the right way to go; we keep going the wrong way; it separates us from God; etc.) 

God is perfect and has no sin. There is no sin in heaven. No one could go to heaven with their sin. We (starting with Adam and Eve) have sinned.

What did Jesus say when He came to the world? (Read John 8:12 – I am the light of the world.)   (Light the candle.)

Why did Jesus die on the cross? (to take away our sins, to make a way for us to go to heaven; etc.) 

Jesus came into the world and took the punishment we deserved for our sin. He had no sin, but He willingly gave up His life (no one took it) so we could have our sin taken away.

Read aloud the following verses: John 19:1-3; 16-18; 28-30; 31-34.

Say a prayer of thanks to Jesus for sacrificing His life for us.

Splink: 3

Too Good

Make a yummy treat and announce that you have an announcement. “I have good news! I made a yummy treat. But I have decided that I will eat it all myself.” After hearing groans and complaints, act surprised and ask: “Would you like me to share this with you?”

Share the treat and talk about the good news that Jesus died for us.

Discuss with whom you might share this good news and make a plan to do it. Make an invitation and invite family or friends to come to church with you on Easter Sunday and then to brunch/lunch at your house. Say a prayer for the person(s) you will invite.

The good news about Jesus is just TOO GOOD to keep to ourselves.

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